Insight Into The Shot- Garage B

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Garage B - Indianapolis Motor Speedway


The above photo was taken in the garage area of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I was walking around during Indy 500 practice, and came across these tanks that were set up on the south side of the garages. I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate them into a photograph.


I decided to take a head-on photo. This would allow me to show how many tanks there were, which teams they belonged to, and it allowed be to include the letter "B" on the building which would allow me to place the photo as being taken outside of Garage B. As an added bonus was that there was a beautiful blue sky with beautiful clouds.


I set my lens to its widest setting, 17mm on a Canon40D, which is a cropped sensor camera. This would be equivalent to 27mm on a full-frame camera such as a Canon 5D, or on a regular 35mm format film camera. The camera settings for this particular shot were 1/1000 sec., F/5.6, ISO100. After I took my initial shot, I looked to the right and noticed that a mechanic on a bicycle was approaching. I lined up the shot again, waited for the mechanic to enter the frame, and took the photo when the mechanic was where there was an opening between two of the tanks. I really liked the way it turned out because I feel the mechanic adds something to the photo.


Post-processing of this image consisted of initial adjustments in Adobe Lightroom, with further processing made using the Nik Collection software, making adjustments based on my artistic preferences.


Prints of this image are available here. Thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to leave comments or questions.




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