How The Shot Was Made - Shea Holbrook, Mid-Ohio 2014

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The above photo of Pirelli World Challenge driver Shea Holbrook was taken at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in 2014. In the photo, Shea is going through Turn 5 on the Pro Course, which is the first lefthander after the long back straightaway. It was shot using a Canon 60D with a Canon 70-200 F/4L IS lens. The camera settings were 1/200 sec., F/10 ISO200, with the lens zoom set to 200mm.


For this shot, I was positioned on the spectator section of the infield just past Turn 5. Although there is catch-fencing in this section of the track, I worked around it by framing the shot by shooting though one of the photo cutouts that are in place for media photographers. My camera was set to shutter-priority mode, and I set a shutter speed of 1/200 second. This shutter speed allowed me to get a good amount of sharp photos, while still being slow enough to be able to show motion in the wheels and tires. My focus point was set to one of the ones on the lower left, so that the shot would be framed as close as possible in camera to how I envisioned the finished product to be. Auto focus was set to focus tracking (Servo AF in Canon speak), and drive mode was set to hi-speed burst mode (5.3 frames per second on the Canon 60D). I usually shoot a burst of two or three shots, and then choose the best one to keep. I do this because the first shot is usually a throw away as the camera is still working to lock on focus on the moving subject.


Initial adjustments to the photo were made in Adobe Lightroom, where I also decided to crop the photo using a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. I felt that cropping the photo this way worked best, and it also allowed be to crop out a concrete barrier that was in the foreground. Additional post-processing was made using Nik Collection software, where I made further adjustments based on my artistic preferences.


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