How I Made the Shot - Grand Central Terminal

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Grand Central TerminalGrand Central TerminalGrand Central Terminal during the holiday season. The photo above was taken back in 2009 using a Canon G11 advanced point and shoot (F/4, 0.8 sec., ISO 100). It was taken during the holiday season which explains the holiday wreaths hanging throughout the terminal. Permits are required to use tripods in public places within New York City, and knowing that I was going to be using a shutter speed that would be too long to hand hold the camera with, I placed the camera on a flat hand rail for stabilization. To further prevent camera shake from pressing the shutter button, I used a cable release to release the shutter.


I chose to use my Canon G11 for this shot over my dslr because it's smaller image sensor would provide me with a greater depth of field. This made me feel comfortable that using an aperture of F/4, (the G11 has an aperture range of F/2.8-F/8), would be sufficient for my needs.  I set the ISO at 100 to keep noise to a minimum. With those two settings set, the camera chose a shutter speed of 0.8 seconds. The shutter speed was sufficient to capture most people sharply, but those that were walking briskly do show up as a blur. Personally, I think this adds to the shot since this is one of the busiest rail stations in the country.


I processed the RAW file using Canon's Digital Professional Pro software, which was my RAW image converter back in those days. Nowadays, I use Adobe Lightroom to process my RAW files. The image was then brought into Nik Color Efex Pro where I made further adjustments based on my artistic preferences.


Prints of this image are available here. Thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to leave comments or questions.




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