My weekend at the Sahlen's 6 Hours of The Glen

July 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

My entire weekend at Watkins Glen was full of racing action and excitement. It was my first time visiting the track and I had so much fun exploring the different vantage points available to view the action from. At 3.4 miles in length (long course), I literally walked for miles. My first impressions of the track were, "Damn this track is big!" and "Damn catch fences!". I realize the importance of catch fencing, it just meant that I had to forget about shooting from certain parts of the track where I had hoped to. Just to give you some background, I am used to shooting at Lime Rock Park where, at being only 1.5 miles in length, it is very easy to get from one point of the track to another, and where they to not have any catch fencing at all.


Now to get back to the racing, fans were treated to lots of on track action from 4 different race series: SCCA F2000, IMSA GT3 Challenge, Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Series, and the headlining Grand-Am Rolex Series. Fans, drivers, and crews were kept on their toes thanks to Mother Nature and her ever changing weather. The track would be dry for one session and damp for another. Rain varied from sprinkles, steady rain, and torrential downpours. There was even a brief hail storm, at least at the section of track I was at during that time. The sheer size for the track meant that drivers could encounter varying weather and track conditions throughout a single lap. It must have been a nightmare for the crews to decide on race setup and race strategy.


Well enough of my rambling, here are some of the photos that I took during the weekend.


More can be seen in my gallery. Enjoy the photos!

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